February 13, 2014, is the official release date for my 33 1/3 book on Aphex Twin's 1994 album Selected Ambient Works Volume II, available at Amazon (including Kindle) and via your local bookstore. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #sound-art, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.

Past Week at Twitter.com/Disquiet

  • Excellent news to wake to: @feedly says line-item format (a la the soon-to-be-late @googlereader) coming to its RSS mobile app shortly. ->
  • Quiet time at the Oakland Zoo. http://t.co/JhBfCQipRq ->
  • "Night Chorus": Sign from insect hall at Oakland Zoo. http://t.co/bE4QQ58NNx ->
  • 12 tracks so far of a Gregorian chant recording played back in a reverberant space and then transformed further: https://t.co/BNTZNeWMky ->
  • I'm a total @sublimehq noob. Can one mimic Mou's multi-size font treatment in Sublime 2? ->
  • You think SoundCloud kicked up an unusual "related" track but the laptop's on mute and it's just café mechanisms, traffic, and conversation. ->
  • Noise: A Human History. A 30-part documentary being presented starting tomorrow, March 18, on BBC 4 by @DavidJHendy: http://t.co/9wOy6miDK1. ->
  • Was the gag line about the Nazi sub in the March 8 episode of Nikita a dig at the canceled Zero Hour? ->
  • This BBC 1 broadcast about Roland 808s, 303s, and 909s is only online for another 22 hours: http://t.co/sMPNOp2iBW (as of 5pm Pacific 3/17). ->
  • Was beginning Three Stigmata by PKD but think I may reread Stross' Accelerando for the third or fourth time instead. ->
  • I really need to rethink or just jettison the "Elsewhere" (i.e., links) page on Disquiet. ->
  • Final hours of project where Gregorian chant recording is played back in reverberant space, including a church: https://t.co/0L1lCLjFWy ->
  • Tuesday noon siren while on phone, and then phone disoconnects. ->
  • Google text-to-speech is great except to the extent that it is cutting into my music-listening time. ->
  • Not a speaker (large pipes). http://t.co/1xmbHUz8c8 ->
  • Not a speaker (small pipes). http://t.co/5btPcE1KfM ->
  • Weird coverage of eMusic merger with ebook company mentions company's founder, Ray Kurzweil, but not his music past: http://t.co/k7UJYCOpeP ->
  • Google Drive releases API allowing realtime access from third-party apps. Could this mean a cloud music player that bypasses Google Music? ->
  • That's when I left. MT @jbutlerjbutler: @disquiet I used to love eMusic until they added major labels and raised their prices. ->
  • That thing where you find someone you know on Twitter you didn't know was on Twitter. It's like realizing they live on the same block. ->
  • Restaurant in my 'hood closed after three weeks and resulting discussion is like Parallax View meets No Reservations: http://t.co/qmo13cZGhG ->
  • Weird: 3 eMusic merger stories note Kurzweil, not his music background: http://t.co/VJf5uPy4h5 http://t.co/AjNcVv1aKO http://t.co/KUfddqBXJm ->
  • Removed headphones to confirm that half the drone I'm listening to is barista vapor trail. ->
  • For the record, @sex[girl's name][integer] is not my new jam. #spam ->
  • That's a good idea. Let's work on it. Shoot me an email. RT @gr3gjsmith: @disquiet Has there been a spam Junto yet? ;) ->
  • Today in sound class: Audacity software tutorial, constructing sonic mood boards, the rising culture of casually malleable audio ->
  • 3-day ambient event in San Rafael, CA, with Micus, Rich, Roach, others. Part of @heartsofspace's 40th anniversary: http://t.co/VeaHxoZD6Y ->
  • Digging Google Keep on my phone. Need to see what the desktop experience is like. ->
  • Evening sounds, near to far: electric toothbrush, clothes dryer, fog horns. ->
  • Great to see/hear @otolythe's entry in the @gifbites (scores for animated GIFs) series by @therourke on @soundcloud: https://t.co/yPW64QdjW3 ->
  • Paused reread of Stross' Accelerando as Macx wanders around in two bodies to watch Dollhouse episode in which Topher is in two bodies. ->
  • My @djunto chores got a little simpler, as the new @soundcloud mobile app update appears to have turned on sets management. ->
  • This week's @djunto project's theme is "composing from memory." ->
  • Th 64th weekly @djunto project has gone live at http://t.co/IdTwdeyO8Y and http://t.co/4GjGanKdHp. It involves composing from memory. ->
  • "The national song." http://t.co/Nb979ntdpD ->
  • I love that Time makes sure to give photo credits to its gadget/tech writers who take their own screenshots. ->
  • Would all the companies not building smart watches please raise their hands? ->
  • "Dance music geography" (at Amoeba in SF). http://t.co/84tc9pdII7 ->
  • 5 tracks thus far in the "composing from memory" project — https://t.co/dTNoJ1nVUe — which ends Monday night. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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