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Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.


Mechanical doorbell, below knocker. #soundstudies #ui #ux #welcome

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The Art of the Sound of the Security of Art

The ongoing work of John Kanneberg

Many artists and musicians end up in, strive to be in, museums. Fewer make the museum the subject of their work. One such artist-musician is the prolific John Kannenberg, who in various pursuits has studied the sonic property of the institutions where art is on display. He may make sound art, but more to the point he makes art of the sound of art. He’s been sharing well-edited, studiously sequenced videos of his work, including “A Sound Map of the Art Institute of Chicago: Security (Excerpt),” which combines the voluminous echo of the place with overheard snippets of directives and responses from staff security, such as “No flashes” (as in photography) and “Being told the elevator doesn’t go where I want to go.”

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Lauren Sarah Hayes’ Improvised Techno

Direct from Edinburgh


By “Technoscribble,” the title to a track by Lauren Sarah Hayes, she might mean a rough draft of a techno track, or she might mean a track whose wandering, less-than-composed state is an intentional tweak on techno’s vigilant, beat-focused stick-to-it-ness. Either way, “Technoscribble” is a delight, an improvised 10-plus minutes of exploratory rubbery rhythmic engagement. It’s all fritzes and fuzzies, static and blips, wrangled into a pleasingly braing-tingly zone. It moves through so many stages, it’s more like a medley than a song, a sequence of varied metric volleys, each of which feels very much like a live performance.

Track originally posted at More from Hayes, who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, at

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Beasts of burden. #vinyl #lps #soundstudies

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Fuzzy Metric Logic

A rhythmic experiment by Mint Loader of Hampshire, Britain

One person’s test run is another person’s listen-on-repeat. Case in point: a rhythmic experiment by Mint Loader, who describes the sonic event as follows: “Test run of code I am working on, to create rhythms with phased control arrays in SuperCollider.”

The result is a cool bit of fuzzy metric logic, under two minutes’ running time. The on and off of the beat has a semblance of binary to it, but each step has the fritz of a laundry room’s threadbare neon sign. This means the on is never fully on and the off never fully off, and the transitions between are not as clear cut as they might be. In addition, the resulting broken shimmy has an elegant randomness to it, like the neon sign has absorbed lessons from decades of hip-hop and r&b hits produced by Timbaland.

Track originally posted at Mint Loader is based in Hampshire, Britain.

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