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Monthly Archives: October 1999

Serial Minimalist Eschatology

The 20′ – 20000 (Noton/Raster) series is one CD a month, each featuring an electronic score for the last 20 minutes of the year 1999. Recommended entries include those by Scanner, Ryoji Ikeda, Thomas Brinkmann and Coh.

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Paradinas in Orbit

The same year that saw the daring $125-million Mars Climate Orbiter crash and burn, μ-Ziq‘s Royal Astronomy (Astralwerks) received unanimous praise for keeping things exquisitely simple (which for μ-Ziq’s Michael Paradinas is something of a first).

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Requiem for a Friend

Cadman Requiem (Point) is the esteemed British composer’s Gavin Bryars‘ (slow) moving tribute to a friend who died in the 1988 Lockerbie airline terrorist attack, composed for the men’s vocal group the Hilliard Ensemble, shows that “ambient” is about artistic intent, not technology.

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Japan’s Digital Composer

Experimental electronic music has more than its share of pointilists. On Scope (Thrill Jockey), Nobukazu Takemura distinguishes himself with a composer’s sense of dramatic arc, distinctly Eastern tones and much sonic subtlety.

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Mouse Support

Mouseketeers Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner benefit tremendously on Mouse on MarsNiun Niggung (Sonig/Rough Trade) from the support of a wide assortment of acoustic instruments, including drums, French horn, bass clarinet, cello, fiddle and more.

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