Lonely MP3s

In time, we may come to understand what, exactly, drives 400 Lonely Things. That will occur down the road, when there’s a full body of work to be listened to from a distance, something that will, having reached a critical mass, divulge its themes, its core sounds, its agenda. In the meanwhile, we have two full length albums of diverse constituent parts. Following up on last year’s self-titled debut (comprised of various brief sound experiments — think Webern with a DAT machine and a four-track recorder), 400 Lonely Things has produced She Blinded Me with Silence, three full tracks of which are up on its website (here), ranging in vocal content from what sounds like Teletubbies at their moment blissed-out, “(You’re Standing in a Shape),” to church chants echoed and cross-faded, “The Sunday Funnies”; plus, there’s a short bit of synth-driven, spacey instrumental fun, “Jupiter’s Eyebrow.” Of the three, the “Sunday Funnies” track is the keeper, thanks to its pop transformation of liturgical source material, and its hypnotic side effects.

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