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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bi-Rhythmic MP3

You can bob your head to “rows” (MP3), the new aghost track posted for free download at, though to do so you have to imagine your head is placed evenly between two pachinko machines of divergent makes and time periods, one a rapidfire spray of confused percussion, the other a more melodious and jubilant confection of baubles.

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Trimpin Profile MP3

The sound artist Trimpin is the subject of a two-part interview and profile newly uploaded to the Other Minds archive at Back in 1990, Charles Amirkhanian, head of Other Minds, spoke with Trimpin in advance of an installation due the following year at the San Francisco gallery New Langton Arts. Trimpin talked about his association with player piano innovator Conlon Nancarrow and about the compositional and technological innovations required for him to accomplish his often room-size musical sculptures, and Amirkanian illustrated with excerpts from various works, including “Lullaby,” a transparent piece for piano. Trimpin also took questions from a live audience. Among other things, he explained why he felt it’s “inappropriate” to document his installations on commercial recordings. Available in two parts (MP3, MP3).

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8-Bit MP3s

No, “8-Bit Adventures of a Bored Office Worker” is not the new movie by the guys who made Shawn of the Dead. That would be Hot Fuzz. “8-bit Adventures” is a new podcast from Resonance FM, focusing on, well, the sorta lo-fi electronica that comes from devices that had, in most cases, originally been designed for use in early video games. It’s hosted by “Jake and Andrew” and opens, welcomingly for lo-bit newcomers, with a pair of pop remixes, Paza kicking Beck‘s “Bad Cartridge” in the Asteroids and Jossintimberlake one-upping Akon‘s “Ghetto.” After that it’s all manner of jerky 8-bit madness, with enjoyable commentary by the emcees (MP3). More info at

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