Daniel Catarino’s Western MP3s

The netlabel album Western Spaghetti by Long Desert Cowboy (aka Portugal-based Daniel Catarino) opens with a slow fumbling of earthly rumble before backtracking to something more spare, intimate — less “western,” perhaps, than “horror-show”: all jangly noise in a closed space, footsteps nearby and church-like bells in the distance. That piece, the album’s longest, extends through 10-plus minutes and at least two more set pieces, before closing on conciliatory tones that take a last minute turn toward tension, a coda that brings the horror back to the surface (MP3).

The album’s four other tracks explore likewise filmic soundscapes that feel ascetic and forlorn. The other main keeper is the closing entry, the most uplifting here despite its title (“Tired of Being Fucking Poor and Honest”); it loops bells even more realistic than those in “For the Money,” for a dreamy, enticing montage (MP3). More info at the website of test tube, the releasing netlabel: monocromatica.com.

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