Other Music—Sponsored Drone-Pop MP3

The website of the record label Kranky, kranky.net, hasn’t updated its free download, a slice of Stars of the Lid, since January 2007. But a free Kranky-derived track popped up today at the digital online storefront of Other Music (digital.othermusic.com), the great retailer in Manhattan on East 4th, not far from New York University. The track in question is from a half year earlier still, a pulsing bit of post-rock minimalism replete with chanting (imagine Donovan teaming up with La Monte Young), but it’s an excellent reason to sign up for a free Other Music account and to check out the store and try out its interface. The track (encoded at a hearty 320kbps) is “Green Vines” by Bird Show (aka Ben Vida), off the 2006 album Lightning Ghost. No direct link is available, but just click on the Other Music link above; this is likely a short-term offer, so do so soon. Registration is required, and each weekly email newsblast from Other Music includes a new free download.

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