Dozen Korg DS-10 MP3 Test Runs

Waves of sample videos have followed the release of the recent Nintendo DS port of the Korg MS-10 synthesizer (,, which took an early mass-market synthesizer and put it inside a popular video game cartridge format. As a kind of proof-of-concept jam, a dozen musical acts each answered the call for MP3s from the website and submitted their DS-10-engendered music. The results range from slurpy beats and twerpy melodies (by White Kundalini), funky space music (Starpause), disco-tinted electro-pop (Tibitekutyan), an arcade-score take on “Flight of the Bumblebees” (Nitro2k01), and a more blippy techno than you can wave a stylus at. The compilation is named Diplodocus, a nod to the dinosaur-like status of the original Korg MS-10. The album available for free as a zipped archive of all 12 tracks (ZIP), and as a mix by Starpause (MP3).

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