Music for Skateboards by Odd Nosdam (MP3)

The latest release from Odd Nosdam, T.I.M.E. Soundtrack, is just that, the score to a film, the skateboard documentary This Is My Element, and it’s firmly in the “Beautiful Losers” school of blunted, casual, fritzy background instrumental pop as typified by Daedelus, Tommy Guerrero, and Kid Koala. The releasing label, Anticon, has popped up a track as a free sample, “Fly Mode” (MP3), which plods delightfully, at a pace that will get you nowhere fast, replete with washboard percussion, a whistling lead line, and a halo of sympathetic strings. The piece was produced by Nosdam and Jel. Each track on the record is associated with one of the skaters featured in the film. For “Fly Mode” it’s Brent Atchley (of Portland, Oregon).

Speaking of Nosdam and Jel, the former recently posted for free download (, two tracks of the duo performing live in December 2008 at the third annual Anticon anniversary show at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan. Each of the songs stands on a different corner at that tantalizingly abstract intersection where ambient electronic music and instrumental hip-hop meet. This photo from the concert (courtesy of Odd’s MySpace page) shows Jel, left, and Odd, right:

More on Nosdam (aka Berkeley, California-based David P. Madson, of cLOUDDEAD) at and Jel (aka Oakland, California-based James Logan, of Subtle and 13+God) at T.I.M.E. Soundtrack is due out on February 17.

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