’70s-Style, Funky Cut’n’Paste MP3s

The mellow-afternoon, instrumental r&b and hip-hop of Odetta‘s Cut & Paste Vol 2 has a 1970s vibe that’s half Sesame Street and half bachelor pad. The songs are all forged from aquatic vibraphones, glistening chimes, syncopated drumming, and truly funky electric bass.

For all the soulful carousing, there is some real adventure in the mix, notably “Dust to Wax,” which has a loose bass line and plenty of surface noise, and “Vicarius Music,” built around a piano part that refuses to return to the head, spending all minute and a quarter of its length keeping closure at bay — not to mention a couple of entries (“Entree,” “This Is Jazz”) that work in spoken word.

Of course, in our mash-up world, one rarely looks back at one point in time at a time. For all the ’70s grooves heard here, Odetta is also supplying a flashback to the early 1990s; tracks like Cut & Paste‘s “Universal” could easily be forgotten Tribe Called Quest gems.

Speaking of history, according to Odetta (who’s based in Salt Lake City, Utah), the moniker has little or nothing to do with the famed folk singer of that name: “Codetta/Coda=Odetta: A short passage connecting two sections (in music and literature), but not forming part of either; a short coda” reads a note on his MySpace page, myspace.com/odettatree.

Get the full set as an archive of 25 tracks, plus cover art, at megaupload.com. (Located via the great strictlybeats.blogspot.com blog.)

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