Eno/Byrne Re-Mix: Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet

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Welcome to Disquiet.com’s streaming-audio service. The interface immediately below will stream in sequence the 12-track compilation album Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet, a project I curated in September 2006 of remixes of tracks off the Brian Eno and David Byrne album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which was then celebrating its 25th anniversary. To promote the rerelease, Eno and Byrne had embraced open-source music-making, and uploaded to a website, bush-of-ghosts.com/remix, the constituent parts of two tracks off My Life in the Bush of Ghosts: “Help Me Somebody,”a pulsating bit of ersatz African juju, and “A Secret Life,”a more languorous stretch of elegiac atmospherics, and made them available for remixing. I asked a dozen musicians to participate, and this compilation was the result of that request. Since Byrne is currently touring in tribute to his revived association with Brian Eno, which also included the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, this seemed like a good time to make this set available for streaming.

There’s additional information at disquiet.com/bushofghosts, and the project is housed at archive.org. You can flip back and forth through the playlist using the small arrows.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-01-AllThatFall.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-02-RoddySchrock.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-03-Pocka.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-04-StephaneLeonard.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-05-djmorsanek.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-06-MrBiggs.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-07-johnkannenberg.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-08-MyFun.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-09-MarkRushton.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-10-Prehab.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-11-EgoResponseTechnician.mp3,http://www.archive.org/download/OurLivesInTheBushOfDisquiet/OLitBoD-12-doogie.mp3|titles=”Help Me Help Me”,”If You Make Your Bed in Heaven”,”Leftover Secrets to Tell”,”Secret Life Remix”,”The Black Isle (Byrne/Eno Remix)”,”Hit Me Somebody (Help Me Somebody Remix)”,”Being and Nothingness (A Secret Life Remixed)”,”Somebody Help Us”,”Hey”,”My Bush in the Secret Life of Ghosts”,”Not Enough Africa”,”Helping (Help Me Somebody Remix)”|artists=AllThatFall,Roddy Schrock,Pocka,Stephane Leonard,(dj) morsanek,MrBiggs,john kannenberg,My Fun,Mark Rushton,Prehab,Ego Response Technician,doogie]

The duration of this album of remixes is 56:23.


Playlist Guide:

Please note that most of the links below in this post will result in pop-ups, so as not to interrupt the streaming audio.

Track  1. (Duration: 02:59.) "Help Me Help Me" by AllThatFall [Musician: allthatfall.com.]

Track  2. (Duration: 03:48.) "If You Make Your Bed in Heaven" by Roddy Schrock [Musician: fundamentallysound.org.]

Track  3. (Duration: 05:04.) "Leftover Secrets to Tell" by Pocka

Track  4. (Duration: 08:30.) "Secret Life Remix" by Stephane Leonard [Musician: stephaneleonard.net.]

Track  5. (Duration: 05:25.) "The Black Isle (Byrne/Eno Remix)" by (dj) morsanek [Musician: morsanek.blogspot.com.]

Track  6. (Duration: 06:01.) "Hit Me Somebody (Help Me Somebody Remix)" by MrBiggs [Musician: mrbiggs.com, dancerobotdance.com.]

Track  7. (Duration: 03:52.) "Being and Nothingness (A Secret Life Remixed)" by john kannenberg [Musician: johnkannenberg.com.]

Track  8. (Duration: 04:08.) "Somebody Help Us" by My Fun [Musician: thelandof.org.]

Track  9. (Duration: 02:37.) "Hey" by Mark Rushton [Musician: markrushton.com.]

Track 10. (Duration: 07:37.) "My Bush in the Secret Life of Ghosts" by Prehab [Musician: myspace.com/prehab.]

Track 11. (Duration: 04:28.) "Not Enough Africa" by Ego Response Technician [Musician: xtrasauce.com.]

Track 12. (Duration: 01:54.) "Helping (Help Me Somebody Remix)" by doogie [Musician: fluxed.net.]

I plan to do these mixes every month or so. Special thanks to boon/Brian Scott (boondesign.com), who provided the album's "cover."

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