Buddha Machine—Infused Drone MP3s

If you find a Buddha Machine sample amid the roiling moans of this album, take note of it. It’ll provide a sense of orientation amid the free-form noise, sonar blips, and general audio miasma. The six melancholy drones that make up Six Melancholy Songs by Restive Sonic are all deeply rich background tonics, as on the burbling thunder of “0507” (MP3). The Buddha material serves as one of many sonic sources. As the Buddha samples get used more often in the work of abstract musicians, they are losing their initial inherent abstraction: becoming more and more recognizable, making the steady move from noise to signal. Get the full Six Melancholy Songs set at archive.org.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/restive_m23/02_0507_192kb.mp3|titles=”0507″|artists=Restive Sonic]

More info on Restive Sonic at restive.za.net and myspace.com/restivesonic.

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