Dave Seidel’s Complex Silences (MP3s)

The Complex Silence series is an effort by the TimeTheory netlabel and musician-curator Phillip Wilkerson to engage musicians in long-form compositions that explore the titular aesthetic. The sound on the four entries thus far is at once quiet yet dense, understated yet nuanced, singular yet rich. The latest, Complex Silence 4, is by Dave Seidel, whose contribution takes the Golden Ratio as its starting point. Its two pieces, “Meridian Transit” (MP3) and “Solar Midnight” (MP3), are super-slow drones — their beat, such as it is, proceeding at a gap of several seconds. What’s complex about the unassuming simplicity of Seidel’s pieces is the variety intrinsic in those seemingly ordinary drones — there are numerous overlapping waves in each track (to my ears, even more in “Meridian Transit” than in “Solar Midnight”), which means that when played loud, the room fills with overlapping patterns. It’s a bit like staring for a long while at some massive cliff and slowly making out the striations that have occurred over vast periods of time.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/tmth06A/tmth06A-mysterybear-01-meridian_transit.mp3|titles=”Meridian Transit”|artists=Dave Seidel] [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/tmth06A/tmth06A-mysterybear-02-solar_midnight.mp3|titles=”Solar Midnight”|artists=Dave Seidel]

Get the full release at archive.org. More on Seidel at mysterybear.net. More on TimeTheory at archive.org, jon7.net/timetheory, and myspace.com/timetheorynetlabel. More on Wilkerson at phillipwilkerson.net and phillipwilkerson.blogspot.com.

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