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Japanese Drone via Paris (MP3)

The Taalem label circulates its music in various ways. There are CD-Rs, FLAC files, a streaming radio station. No MP3s, aside from excerpts, but since we’re talking about Taalem, we’re talking to some extent about drone music, which means an excerpt, at upwards of five minutes, is longer than what many musicians working in electronica would consider a proper song. Case in point, “Jule 0” by Pollypraha, off the Jule album, one of three released by Taalem on Halloween. (Taalem is based in Paris, so this may not have been a meaningful date — it may simply have been October 31.) Pollypraha is Japan’s Takeyuki Hakozaki, and “Jule 0” is an extended, slowly executed wave form, a series of wave forms, really, that strive in loose conglomeration to avoid any semblance of a down beat without ever fully evaporating (MP3). And it — or, that is, they succeed.

[audio:|titles=”Jule 0″|artists=Pollypraha]

Full details on release at More on Hakozaki at

By Marc Weidenbaum

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  1. Alan Lockett
    [ Posted November 7, 2009, at 9:32 am ]

    Good spot, Marc. For the record, I found that Pollypraha isn’t actually Yui Onodera’s project, but one Takeyuki Hakozaki. Onodera does collaborate with him, however, and has released on what used to be Onodera’s label, Critical Path, so that could be where the confusion comes from. If you fancy, click on over to his myspace and you can find a video of the two drone-cronies playing live, among other things:

  2. Marc Weidenbaum
    [ Posted November 7, 2009, at 9:34 am ]

    Ah, thanks for the correction — I misunderstood the description in the Taalem site, in which it referred to a compilation by Yui Onodera on which Pollypraha was heard. I’ll correct the entry above.

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