Sonic Tours of Artisanal Production

From “audible drawing” to “audible printing.” Just yesterday (, the Downstream focused its headphones on an ongoing experiment by musician Werner Pfarr, which involved paying close attention to the sound of a drawing in process. Today’s Downstream recommended listening is by Ken Montgomery, and it is a field recording of, among other things, a printer in Brooklyn. The rough noise of printing is one of two artisanal production processes in Montgomery’s recording, along with a “sonic tour” of a ceramics department at an art school in Cincinnati (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”1f Noise Smoothing Out The Press”|artists=Ken Montgomery]

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One thought on “Sonic Tours of Artisanal Production

  1. I’m guessing that ‘Gen Ken’ / ‘Gen Ken Montgomery’ and ‘Ken Montgomery’ may be the same person… but I could be wrong.

    If it is the same guy, I’ve long thought he was doing some super interesting work.

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