Trinkets from a Dark Clinician (MP3s)

The 16 tracks that comprise The Coat Hanger Clinic, its title and content reportedly informed by a binge of Korean horror flicks, range from vocoded computer vocals to elegiac piano to 8-bit giddiness to abstract electronica to saccharine pop. Recorded by Cursed Chimera (aka Benatos Thompson, and formerly L.A.M.P.), it’s a purposeful mixed bag, but in that bag are some fine treats. These are the highlights: “Desi Watfah,” a mix of church bells and choking androids, intermittently punctuated by ritual percussion (MP3); “Face Breaker,” a kind of microwave patchinko noise madness that slowly lets its emotive side show (MP3); and “Two Teeth In,” which is simply good old pneumatic pounding (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Desi Watfah”|artists=Cursed Chimera] [audio:|titles=”Face Breaker”|artists=Cursed Chimera] [audio:|titles=”Two Teeth In”|artists=Cursed Chimera]

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