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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Luke Moldof Live (MP3)

The skittery vocalizing and dusty rumble that open Luke Moldof‘s recent live performance on Rare Frequency have a ritual vibe to them — not the tabla-banging drum-circle vibe of post-hippie space music, but a sense of ritual purpose nonetheless. This may have to do with melodic fragments that could be mistaken for distant, obfuscated Native American chanting. Or it could be the result of the sheer intense concentration inherent in Moldof’s music, a music in which small scratchy noises take center stage only to be slightly nudged one way or another (MP3), and the occasional appearance of guitar is less a matter of playing in the traditional sense, and more a matter of yet another sound object a mix that emphasizes deep quietude:

[audio:|titles=”Podcast Special Ed. 46: Live on Rare Frequency 04/29/10″|artists=Luke Moldof’]

Interview with Moldof at, in which he talks about his interest in extremes of volume:

I think that things that are very quiet and sparse can often be way more “extreme”than things that are deafeningly loud with all the spaces filled up. I guess my main reasons for being drawn to extreme volume is that the sound becomes more of a physical presence and can be felt in the body. There are also things that come out in high volumes that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. For instance if you listen to Phill Niblock extremely loud, you will hear a lot of things that you wouldn’t hear at a moderate volume.

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Pandora’s Drone Box (MP3s)

The retro-futurist work of instrument designer Arius Blaze involves Edison-era-looking electronics that are, in fact, devices of exploratory music-making.

Packed inside the wooden box that is Drone Scape X, shown here, is just such a sonic engine. Its capabilities are described by Blaze as follows: “Based on step shifting oscillation run through a built in delay — capable of extremely tight notated repeats and up to about 1.5 seconds.” To further show off the piece, he’s recorded these six drones. The results range from chaotic noise-mongering (MP3) to raging industrial shudders (MP3) to glitch-laced white noise (MP3) to sheets of bright static (MP3) to android vocalizations (MP3) to field recordings of alien mission control (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 1″|artists=Arius Blaze] [audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 2″|artists=Arius Blaze] [audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 3″|artists=Arius Blaze] [audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 4″|artists=Arius Blaze] [audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 5″|artists=Arius Blaze] [audio:|titles=”Drone Scape 6″|artists=Arius Blaze]

More on the equipment, which is for sale in a limited edition, at

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Funki Porcini Talks & Spins (MP3)

Seven years after Fast Asleep, Funki Porcini is back in the downtempo business, with a slew of one-off EPs and singles, and a full album, On, on his longtime label, Ninja Tune, released earlier this month. Ninja Tune has several podcasts, including one from its hip-hop imprint Big Dada, one from founders label Coldcut, and one of its long-running Solid Steel radio shows. Funki Porcini, born James Braddell, appeared on its fourth cast, the proper label podcast, recently to talk about his new work, the extended break between releases, and some of his favorite music (MP3):

[audio:|titles=”Ninja Podcast May 2010 – Funki Porcini”|artists=Funki Porcini]

More on Porcini at and More on the Ninja podcasts at

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Image of the Week: The Mainstreaming of Interactive

A look at the distribution of the Top 100 iPhone/Touch apps. Music is in a respectable slot, above healthcare/fitness, finance, even social networking, though well below games, books, and utilities. Overall, this makes for a healthy outlook for mainstream adoption of interactive sound:

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  • Man, Marc Ribot's in a group called Border Music with Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, & he's covering John Cage with Bernie Worrell and DJ Logic. #
  • RIP, Fritz Sennheiser (b. 1912), synonymous with headphones & speakers; @engadget calls for "moment of silence" #
  • Morning sounds: absence of birds means it's colder than usual; absence of garbage trucks means its early. #
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  • I messed up. The contest in this month's email was to be Fatboy/Byrne/Imelda, but I did the Oval. I'll do Fatboy next month. #
  • Dentist's music service played a Christmas song. It gets cold in San Francisco this time of year, but not that cold. #
  • RIP, Yvonne Loriod (b. 1924): muse/wife/pianist of Olivier Messiaen (her sister, Jeanne, played the ondes martenot parts) #
  • Thanks to Warren Craghead III / @wcraghead for drawing my new Twitter background. More info at #
  • Morning sound: I know it's a bird, but it sounds like a tiny steel marble repeatedly being dropped on a hard, cold, tile floor. #
  • Duet for woodwind (humming printer) and percussion (light rain). #
  • Simon Lott/Beta Collide's 10th track (w/ horn section) joins Despite the Downturn "answer album" to Megan McArdle story #
  • Russell Simmons, hip-hop vegan: "My crib, the whole thing’s an altar" #fightthetoxins #
  • Brian Eno's birthday yesterday, Robert Fripp's today, and Erik Satie's tomorrow. #
  • New e-newsletter next week with contest: David Byrne/Fatboy Slim Imelda Marcos CD. Subscribe here #
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