A Brief Introduction to Netlabels

The third entry in my spell of guestblog activity is up at boingboing.net. It’s an introduction to the world of netlabels. Those are online record labels that actively release their recordings for free, with the enthusiastic participation of the musicians they work with. For newcomers to this site (and there are quite a few, owing to the readership wake that results from the good ship Boing Boing), netlabels make up a substantial chunk of the material that constitutes the Disquiet Downstream, the weekdaily recommendations of free and legally downloadable music. Check out the piece, “Netlabels: Release, Remix, Repeat” — and certainly give a shout out to your favorite netlabels in the process.

One thought on “A Brief Introduction to Netlabels

  1. Netlabels is really a cool thing for musicians producing rather underground sound than mainstream. I use a netlabel myself. It’s not absolutely for free, but has fair prices. I’m really happy with it. Anyone who’s producing music and can’t, don’t want to, or just doesn’t want to belong to a mainstream label, it is a great possibility to release their music.

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