A Pre-Introduction to Seaquence.org

Posted my latest boingboing.net piece yesterday, this time focused on seaquence.org, a lovely and nifty petri-dish-themed music sequencer produced under the auspices of gaffta.org. It’s browser-based and free, which is to say it has resisted the lure of iOS that so much interactive music has succumbed to in recent years. I’ve been interviewing the developers of Seaquence as part of the series of music-app investigations I pursued recently in regard to the iOS apps Thicket and ShapeSeq.

In the boingboing.net piece, I inserted a video produced by the Seaquence crew that serves as an introduction. Here’s another video, this one produced apparently by someone not associated with the production of the software:


Read about seaquence.org here: “An Experimental Musical Petri-Dish.”

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