The Top 10 Posts from 2010

These are the top 10 most viewed posts on for the entire year of 2010, during which 409 posts were published on the site.

Sonic Downturn: What does this picture sound like?

Two full-length albums in the site’s Listen? section: (1) Despite the Downturn: An Answer Album, which was a produced quickly in response to an uninformed article by Megan McArdle in The Atlantic about the record industry (which she confused with the music industry); and (2) “Soothing Sounds for (My) Baby,” about an amazing compilation of infant-friendly music made by some very generous musicians on the occasion of the birth of my and my wife’s first child this past August.

MP3 Club: The year’s most discussed albums

Three MP3 Discussion Groups, in which a panel of guests along with various readers converse about a given recording: (3) Oval‘s Oh, (4) the reissue of Thomas Köner‘s Permafrost, and (5) Autechre‘s Move of Ten EP.

No Laptop: The computer-free set-up of Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter

Three entries in this site’s Downstream section of freely, legally downloadable music recommendations, posted each weekday: (6) Chris Carter: No MIDI, No Keyboards,” (7) “Indian Call Center -> Sound Art,” and (8) “What the New Brian Eno Album Might Sound Like.”

And two “quotes of the week,” (9) one on issues of “acoustemology” (“local conditions of acoustic sensation, knowledge, and imagination embodied in the culturally particular sense of place,”in Steven Feld‘s definition) raised in a New Yorker story, and (10) another on a great letter in the New York Times humorously correcting a story about animals that beep.

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