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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Re-read Jasia Reichardt's Computer in Art for like 10th time. Slim 1971 book about computer graphics but with obvious musical application. #
  • Obituary for Egyptian artist/musician Ahmed Basiony (1978-2011) with partial list of exhibits: via @africancolours #jan25 #
  • Morning sounds: cars, hard drive/fan, no birds, no planes, no bus; fridge asleep, like everyone else. #
  • It's a relief when you compare a musician's work positively to Depeche Mode's and said musician doesn't want to kill you. #
  • Malcolm Gladwell sets out to prove ideas by yoking together disconnected anecdotes. He must see Egypt as an anecdote that doesn't fit. #
  • "@timprebble: thoroughly enjoyed stuck/skipping CD in bookstore just now – went on for 10min – perfect soundtrack" #eartwit #glitch #chance #
  • "@LongplayerNow: Longplayer has been playing for 11 years 34 days 11 hours 57 minutes. Sounding beautiful right now." #
  • Genius: Steve Reich's "Clapping Music" as performed by Lee Marvin and (mostly) Angie Dickinson: via @pheezy #
  • Jon Bentley's Programming Pearls remix: abridged to one sentence from each of its 15 chapters by YubNub's @JonathanAquino #
  • Is there a Firefox extension that will give me a mild but noticeable electric shock when I have more than 20 tabs open at once? #
  • "@melchoir: Tyondai Braxton is gone right? idk if they'll sound as good" Likely won't. If it's just snarky mathrock I'll bail. [Re: Battles] #
  • I need to remind myself that in most cases @[whoever] isn't tweeting too much; to the contrary, I may be reading too closely. #
  • Battles: "new music coming soon." That's enough good news to get me through a hectic day: #
  • Alternate memorial page for slain Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony (1978-2011), with photos from Cairo protests: #
  • NB to self: Don't install Ubuntu Netbook Edition while on deadline. Don't install Ubuntu Netbook Edition while on deadline. Don't install… #
  • Maybe "John Barry" isn't really a specific composer, but merely a code name used by a long line of British secret-agent/composers. #
  • Morning sounds: ice popping in coffee, typing, baby glossolalia, birds, bus/cars, laptop drive/fan, my thumb against a few days' facial hair #
  • "@1000DIGIKI: soundcities" Thanks. I'll get to this sooner than to Tokyo. No sounds in my hood … yet. #
  • Fbook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony who died during uprising: 1,059 followers, up from barely 100 12 hours ago #
  • Every time I see James Blake, I think I'm looking at an early Steve Winwood. #
  • "@johniwhitaker: That table is more of a Cy Twombly, no?" [Nice one. I agree.] Re: "unintentional Basquiat": #
  • Image As Artifact of Sound: Spent fireworks outside restaurant Ton Kiang in San Francisco: #gunghayfatchoy #
  • Unintentional Rauschenberg & Ryman are easy to come by. An unintentional Basquiat is special. Photo of discarded table: #
  • Jurassic Park slodown: .5 mil listens in 20 days. When will unofficial song of summer be cloud-hosted phenom rather than commercial single? #
  • â–º If you slow down Grieg you get Ligeti: #
  • Yesterday was my kid's 1st library story-time event. One song involved imitating a clock. Definite overtones of Singularity indoctrination. #
  • A second video of late Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, performing with Abou Asala and drummer #
  • Memorial Facebook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, who died #Jan25 during uprising: Video, music, photos. #
  • Anyone have a copy handy of Oji Suzuki's A Single Match, published by @dandq — I'm trying to recall who translated it into English. #
  • â–º Audio of a mass of various vending-machine field-recording samples sewn together artfully by @bulldozia #
  • Photo of unintentional Jeff Koons balloon-toy protest: #
  • Just posted this in time for the noon bells, in memory of the late Ahmed Basiony: Thanks, @stasisfield #
  • I have a seven-month lead time for an article I'm working on. Maybe there is something good to be said of traditional book publishing. #
  • RIP, Brian Rust (b. 1922), "Father of Modern Discography" (I'd like to know more about pre-modern discography.) #
  • Following the White Stripes' announced disbandment, all 35,000 of Girl Talk's samples have decided to separate due to creative differences. #
  • Seems odd the bold new Murdoch iPad newspaper is called The Daily. Weren't old newspapers daily? Aren't new ones Hourly? Minutely? Secondly? #
  • RIP, Egyptian electronic musician Ahmed Basiony (b. 1978). Reportedly died 1/25 "tear gas asphyxiation" via @stasisfield #
  • The later the hour, the less peaceful your neighbor's wind chimes. #
  • Even if John Barry hadn't just died, the Bond guitar in The Mechanic would have been inappropriate. #
  • "He seems to be listening carefully to the sound of a faraway power line." Oji Suzuki's A Single Match #
  • Singers sharing guitar at happy-hour cafe gig must contend with a single bum string: mystery ingredient in an Iron Chef of Music episode. #
  • Hookahs and hummus are gonna magically appear in this cafe if one more person starts reading about Egypt on a laptop. #
  • I used to always read a fiction and non-fiction book simultaneously. Now it's a physical book and an ebook. #
  • The 22nd + Bartlett siren in SF is indeed followed by Spanish (& English) alert. And if you're standing below, it's way loud. #
  • Today: hunting for elusive Spanish-language Tuesday-noon siren/alert in San Francisco. Destination: 22nd and Bartlett. #
  • Wobbly, Chris Cutler, Mark Fell among 2/2011 curators at & Anna Ramos chose Paul De Marinis' "Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie" #
  • The fog horns are especially Barry White this morning. #
  • Morning sounds: baby glossolalia, fog horns, hard drive/fan. #
  • Anyone know what percentage of "tablets are killing laptops" stories were written on tablets? #
  • Every time you report a spambot to Twitter, an angel gets its wings. #
  • hyperbolic paraboloid:cluster::Iannis Xenakis:Cecil Taylor #
  • Someone should leave voicemail every day for architect of Richmond District library redesign playing recording of 9th Ave door slamming. #
  • Saw a flyer for a Sebadoh concert. Did actual double take and then checked my watch for the year. #
  • â–º Browser-based "NYC MTA as composition" listening: Info: #algorhythmic via @creativeapps #
  • RIP, composer John Barry (b. 1933). "James Bond" may indeed be a codename assigned to British spies, but there will only be one John Barry. #
  • It'd be interesting to look at newspapers that ran obituary for great Milton Babbitt and see when previous time was they ran article on him. #
  • "William Gibson wrote Neuromancer on typewriter" story gets upgrade as he seeks toner cartridge for wife's PhD thesis tonight via Twitter. #
  • Someday in the future, time will be compressed such that Bud Fisher & R. Crumb will be referred to as "you know, San Francisco cartoonists." #
  • On this week's concert schedule: taking junior to "Baby Rhyme and Playtime" at the local library. #
  • 6:00pm bells seem loud. Can only imagine what my ears would feel like were I standing directly below. I'm blocks away, the windows closed. #
  • "@fibratus: The sound of big ben is perhaps one of the most doom laden E's of all time" #eartwit #
  • â–º Jazz-based beatcraft instrumentals off 'Coffee House Swinger' by Boho Fau & Elevated Soul are simple but rich: #
  • â–º Straight Outta Cairo: Ahmed Basiony live Egyptian drone video from 2009: (thanks, @stasisfield) #
  • DJ Premier on DJ Kool Herc's poor health situation via @HipHopDX @primusluta #
  • The page almost seems to say, "You probably don't want to use me to navigate this site." #
  • "Give iPad this Valentine's Day." So your loved one will realize how shortsighted you are when the new one comes out shortly thereafter. #
  • Morning sounds: fridge, TiVo drive, baby la-la singing to self (is "kindersprechgesang" a word?), whoosh of car wheels against wet street. #
  • RIP, composer (electronic & otherwise) Milton Babbitt (b. 1916) via @nicomuhly @rddy @sequenza21 #
  • Two versions of Mark Isham's The Mechanic score in iTunes: 29-track: 6-track: Each costs $9.99. Huh? #
  • All the reviews I've read of The Mechanic seem to suggest that the reviewers wish that Gregg Araki had directed it. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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  1. Deep Rat
    [ Posted February 5, 2011, at 8:09 pm ]

    I have been ranting about Malcolm Gladwell for years. You have managed to sum up my every rant in the space of a single tweet. Huzzah!

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