What’s Digital for Embouchure? (MP3)

When is a trombone not a trombone? Never — certainly gauging by “Bone Drone” by Mystified, aka Thomas Park. It’s a rich, eerie drone, and one that’s seeming as far from the trombone as could be. Yes, it mines the familiar depth of the instrument, but also spends a lot of its energy investigating upper frequencies. Followers of Park have wondered what this trombone would sound like. This past February 19, he tweeted “Just bought a trombone. Haven’t played one of those in years” at
twitter.com/mystified131, and then just this morning “Earlier today, New trombone arrived. Box was beat up, horn and case are fine. Now to work on my chops.” There are two chops at work: his trombone playing, and his digital efforts. It makes one wonder, what is the digital equivalent of embouchure?

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com. More on Mystified at mystifiedmusic.com.

2 thoughts on “What’s Digital for Embouchure? (MP3)

  1. Thanks for posting this! The instrument I am using is really “just” a student trombone, but I find it is effective for creating sounds. I hope to work on more complete phrases as I get my chops back. And, by the way, a second piece, “Bone Drone 2”, has been posted at Soundcloud– same rules, only trombone sounds: http://soundcloud.com/mystifiedthomas/bone-drone-2 . Cheers for all you do, Marc!

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