Revisiting Spanish Glitchpop (MP3s)

The first appearance of the word “bacanal” on this website dates from April 26, 2005. As with subsequent appearances here of that word, it related to a release by Bacanal Intruder, a wonderful laptop musician based in Spain whose music is routinely marked by a blippy breeziness, a winsome glitch that that suggests nothing less than Jacques Tati’s giggling at the absurdity of automation, a kitchen-sink approach that is like sonic clutter that suddenly snaps into place — if by “place” is meant an intricately coordinated, rhythmically ingenious, jubilantly playful compositional zone that the Intruder alone inhabits. He’s recently begun posting tracks to a account, among them the six items that constitute a 2005 EP titled Just Kidding. In the posting he quotes a review that sums it up well: “this little masterpiece full of little hymns and transparent melodies. … [W]e find trumpets, trombones, clarinets, horns, harp, tuba, celesta, violins, congas, spoons … All perfectly seasoned with lively house brand rhythms.”

The EP was originally released by the Tokyo-based label Duotone as a 3″ CD-R (“for their ‘music for pleasures series'”). Get the full set, streaming and freely downloadable, at More on Bacanal Intruder at and

One thought on “Revisiting Spanish Glitchpop (MP3s)

  1. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint why, but his music makes me think of a Lionel Bart album, Isn’t This Where we Came In, I found in my parents record collection as a kid. Maybe it’s the horns and accordion sounding keys. I haven’t heard it since then, I think I’ll look it up.
    Intruder’s album is fun, perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon watching the sun go down.

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