‘Dubstep Is Fun’ Is More Than Fun (MP3)

Volume five of Dubstep Is Fun, the ongoing compilation series from the fine Hungarian netlabel named Complementary Distribution (aka COD), was posted earlier today. It’s 13 tracks in all, much of the collection rambunctious and seemingly willfully cold. In this vision of dubstep, the dank pleasures of genre from which the album takes its name are reflected in a harsh mirror, soft analog unease giving way to sharp digital constructions. One clear highlight is the closing track, “3” by All One. It is easily half the speed of many of those it sits alongside. “3” is all slithery beats and percussive attenuation (MP3), and — and what follows is a compliment, touching on the spartan beauty of the piece — feels more like an element of a track than a finished track unto itself.

[audio:http://cod.mosfet.hu/codif005/s4-all_one-3.mp3|titles=”3″|artists=All One]

One side note: the album is a digital download, but interestingly the tracks are divided into four sections, reflecting the dance-music tradition of two-LP sets. The first three sides are just labeled Side A, Side B, and Side C, while the fourth, on which “3” appears, is labeled Side Space, signaling the slower content of its material. Bringing the whole thing back into the digital realm, there’s a bonus track, unaligned with any of the four sides.

Get the full Dubstep Is Fun set, streaming and freely downloadable, at bitlabrecords.com/cod. Interview on Disquiet.com with Complementary Distribution’s founder, András Hargitai (aka Soutien Gorge), from back in 2006: “Free as in Netlabel.”

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