Disquiet Junto: 200th Track, 90th Member

Noting a milestone for the recently formed collaborative project

Just a quick post on the ongoing Disquiet Junto project.

The Junto, named for a society Benjamin Franklin formed back in the 1720s, is a newly formed association for communal music/sound-making. As of 2:30pm Pacific Time on Saturday, February 4, the group, which is housed at

has had its 200th track uploaded, from a total of 90 actively participating members. Above is a screenshot of those 90 members, out of a total of over twice that many who have joined.

This has all occurred in just under one month — the Junto was launched on January 5, 2012. Many thanks to all the participants and listeners. A great start to the 2012.

More on the project here: “The Disquiet Junto.”

2 thoughts on “Disquiet Junto: 200th Track, 90th Member

  1. It’s a cool project. Thanks for setting it up. A thought I had. It might be nice, eventually to move each project (or at least the downloadable tracks) to a permanent home at the free music archive or the internet archive. I am sure many of us with the free soundcloud accounts will use up our space…

    Looking forward to the next assignment.

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