Micromelancolié’s Nano Techno (MP3)

A Polish musician's survey of small sounds

The Crónica podcast is a steady source of abstract sound, but abstraction comes in many forms. To listen to the fragments that comprise the latest entry in the long-running series — it is number 94, and is by Micromelancolié, aka Poland-based musician Robert SkrzyÅ„ski — is to hear slim noises, bright crunches, whizzes of passing static, and other material that is truncated just shy of recognizability. The manner in which the material is collated suggests if not composition or narrative, then at least association and sequence. Apparently some of the source audio comes from recordings from two labels, 77industry and 49animals. This might explain why for all their abstraction, the noises seem, in fact, orderly — because their presence here is a secondary stage of collection, of curation. Whatever the provenance, the result is best appreciated as a survey of tensile sonic structures, of small noises given the chance to be considered as idealized objects (MP3). Bracing stuff.

[audio:http://download.cronicaelectronica.org/cronicast094.mp3|titles=”Micromelancolié”|artists= Micromelancolié]
Track originally posted at cronicaelectronica.org. More on some of the source audio at 77industry.com and 49manekinow.net.

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