More Lull Than Lullabye (MP3s)

Processed piano music by Seattle’s J.C. Combs

The music is described as “processed piano.” The piano is at its core, but barely a moment goes by — and it is a collection of moments, extended moments that are more lull than lullaby — when those notes are not in one way or another altered, transformed, affected: processed. The album is Gazing by the Seattle, Washington”“based composed/performer J.C. Combs, and it consists of three tracks. In each the piano is a distinct element that quite suddenly bleeds into a broader digital aura, as in the opening track, “Recycled Piano,” during which the listener might think that a piano string had come loose and started vibrating all on its own. In “Apparation,” a pulse of a steady beat triggers the sonic equivalent of a lens flare. It’s a beautiful collection, and comes highly recommended.

Album originally posted at “name your price,” which includes zero, at More from Combs at and

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