Stasis Report: Eno ✚ Tuma ✚ Guðnadóttir ✚ more

New tracks added to the ambient Spotify playlist as of July 1, 2018

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist on Spotify, on Sunday, July 1, added the following six tracks:

Hildur Guðnadóttir‘s “Miguel Takes Money,” from the new film Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which she scored. She previously contributed cello parts to both the original Sicario, which was scored by the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, as well as to Jóhannsson’s music for the movie Arrival.

✚ The soaring track “Shade of Dreams” off Michael Price‘s forthcoming album Tender Symmetry, due out August 31 on the Erased Tapes label.

✚ A slow-burn cue, “My Duty,” off the superb noir-jazz score by Dillon Baldaserro for the film Black Cop, which appears to be on the festival circuit right now. The score was released a few days ago:

✚ “World Without Wind” by Brian Eno, off his recent Music for Installations box set (Opal Records):

Scott Tuma‘s “New Sole (Soft G),” off No Greener Grass (Dismal Niche), his most recent album, which was released last August: Also from Tuma, “Song in B,” off the expansive compilation album The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne (Scissor Tail Records, 2017):

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly an hour and a half. Those tracks are now in the Stasis Archives playlist.

One thought on “Stasis Report: Eno ✚ Tuma ✚ Guðnadóttir ✚ more

  1. Has anyone made a mirror of this playlist on Apple Music? If not, maybe I will… (i know I can listen to Spotify for free, but it’s got ads…)

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