Stasis Report: Ekin Fil ✚ Sarah Davachi ✚ More

Five new tracks added to the ambient Spotify playlist as of July 22, 2018

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist on Spotify, on Sunday, July 22, added the following five tracks. I seem to be adding work by around five artists each week, though the total number of tracks varies. This week introduces the third artist from whom an included track is titled “Interlude.” The previous two were Laraaji (as part of the debut Stasis Report playlist) and Julie Byrne. That seems to be a bit of a theme, the interlude often being the most peaceful moment amid a longer work, a moment marked both as transition and repose, or perhaps repose as transition.

✚ “Interlude” is from the 2017 album Ghosts Inside from Ekin Fil. She is based in Istanbul.

✚ “Evensong” is currently the only track on streaming services from Sarah Davachi‘s forthcoming album Gave in Rest, which is due out September 14th on the label Ba Da Bing. She lives in Los Angeles.

✚ “Ottomans” is off Everything Happens, for Some Reason, the 2018 album by Jet Jaguar, aka Michael Upton of Wellington, New Zealand.

Rezzett‘s “Yunus in Ekstasi” is off its recent self-titled album, on the Trilogy Tapes label. Rezzett appears to be anonymous for the time being. It also appears to be a duo. The label is based in London.

✚ “Conclusio” is the final track, and the shortest, off the new album from Marta SmiLga (aka Liga Smirnova), Lunar Maria. She is based in Riga, Latvia.

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly an hour and a half. Those tracks are now in the Stasis Archives playlist.

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