Stasis Report: Éliane Radigue ✚ Daniel Aged ✚ More

Six new tracks added to the ambient Spotify playlist as of July 29, 2018

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist on Spotify, on Sunday, July 29, added the following six tracks. I’m really doing my best to keep this as restrained as possible. In recent years, the word “ambient” has come to mean very little in many contexts — in some cases it virtually just means “no voice,” or “quieter than regular pop music.” Sometimes it feels like a tag that someone has applied, whether lazily or cynically, out of a perception that it lends commercial or cultural viability. In any cast, this music in this ongoing playlist is intended as material that aspires to a state of stasis. Still, from the more overt melodic aspects of the Masayoshi Fujita track here to the harsher peaks of the Éliane Radigue, even that aspiration is being tested.

✚ “Occam River I” is the opening track of the album Occam Ocean Vol. 1, compositions by Éliane Radigue, featuring Rhodri Davies (harp), Carol Robinson (reeds), and Julia Eckhardt (viola): Released last year on the Shiiin label. It was released last year.

✚ “” and “Breath2” are both off the self-titled new album from Daniel Aged.

✚ “Clouds” is from Music for Nine Postcards, a 1982 album by Hiroshi Yoshimura reissued last year on Empire of Signs:

✚ “Fog” is off Book of Life, the new album from Masayoshi Fujita on Erased Tapes:

✚ “Rebreather” is from Semblance, the new record from Forma, on Kranky Records:

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly an hour and a half. Those tracks are now in the Stasis Archives playlist.

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