Sound Ledger¹ (Fish, AI, Krause)

Audio culture by the numbers

21: Number of species of fish that depend on hearing

29: Percentage of of executives who have observed AI bias in voice technologies

5,000: Number of hours of audio culled to achieve the material in Bernie Krause’s current exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts

¹Footnotes: Fish: AI: Exhibit:

Originally published in the February 21, 2022, edition of the This Week in Sound email newsletter

One thought on “Sound Ledger¹ (Fish, AI, Krause)

  1. Reading through this litany of sonic shenanigans alongside your excellent newsletter, I thought you might get a kick out of it:

    Old Wolfgang used to say that music should flatter the ear, and I tend to very much agree. But perhaps soon musicians will compose for the whole body? Or for cells themselves, in a sonocytological symphony? Apologies if this is old news to you, probably bonkers.

    The Soderbergh movie sounds interesting, though the score doesn’t strike me in any particular way. People would certainly be right to obsess over surveillance technology; the situation is much worse than most realize and the solutions are not even on the horizon. Intriguingly, SDR may be the fallback when the net is fully weaponized. Should be fun!

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