Cage Chord Megamix Under Construction 🚧

Thanks to Tobias Reber

This is a post for Disquiet Junto community members. I wanted to check in about the recent “Cage Chord.” That was the project from two weeks ago (details: It was one of the three we’ve done this year in collaboration with Musikfestival Bern in Bern, Switzerland (September 7 through 11;, thanks to the invitation (for the fourth year in a row) by longtime Junto participant Tobias Reber, who works for Musikfestival Bern.

Tobias is now creating a “megamix” of the drone tracks produced for the Cage Chord project. He’s been able to download all but 14 of the 60 or so that were produced. If your track isn’t set as downloadable, and you’d like it included in the megamix, please make it available for download and contact Tobias via, or let me know about it and I’ll share it with him.

Please do so by the end of Wednesday, August 24th (in Switzerland’s understanding of the end of the day), and let me know if I can be of assistance.

Thanks, as always, for your generosity with your time and creativity.

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