An Ambient Monolith

It might seem that the manner in which ambient music seeps into the background, the way it often rouses little in the way of an emotional reaction, nor is necessarily intended to, might mean that it is best experienced in small amounts, in tiny portions commensurate with its remote, modest, economical stature. But the opposite […]

Industrial/Drone/Chimes: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of January 2012

There were 38 posts on in January 2012, and the most popular were as follows: (1) a consideration of white noise in the work of Phil Julian (“A Variety of Noises, White and Otherwise”), (2) a “Sneak Peek at New Project: Disquiet Junto,”, (3) the fuzzy beats of Would-Be Messiahs (“Hairshirt Industrial”), (4) […]