When Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (1888 - 1935) passed away, he left a trunk containing some 25,426 items — a vast collection of poems, fragments, letters, journals. These pieces were ascribed to a variety of writers — Bernardo Soares, Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, and Álvaro de Campos among them — for Pessoa had created a number of assumed identities over the course of his literary career.

To adapt a comment by American critic and poet John Hollander, if Pessoa had never existed the World Wide Web would have invented him — for this fluid, hypertextual medium is so suitable to one who expressed himself through such a variety of personalities.

This web site, "Pessoa's Trunk," is an attempt to apply the tools of the web to the appreciation of Pessoa's writing and life.

Marc Weidenbaum
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Thirteen-plus ways of looking at one of Pessoa's most personal poems

A little color lends meaning to three translations of a Pessoa passage

Links to Pessoa on the web


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