Aphex Pre-Release

Despite its listing, on the Warp Records web site, as a “promo,” Drukqs 2 Track Promo is in fact a proper, commercially available advance listen to the forthcoming Aphex Twin full-length, titled Drukqs, distributed by London/Sire in the United States and due for release on Oct. 23. It comes as both a 12″ and a CD single, both featuring two songs from the album: “54 Cymru Beats,” listed as the “Argonaut Remix,” and “Cock 10,” listed as the “Delco Freedom Mix.” Apparently the versions of these two songs on the album will be the “non-mix” originals. Both heard here are mad, hard-hitting, deeply randomized affairs, “Delco” favoring slightly less distorted sounds than does “Cymru.” They switch gears like a kid with a freshly minted driver’s permit, careening from moments of elegance to raucous data overload.

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