Hrvatski Guitar MP3

A new month (a new year, for that matter), a new free MP3 download from Keith Fullerton Whitman, aka Hrvatski. He describes the track (titled “November 4th, 2003,” or “0401.kfw.110403.mp3,” downloadable here) on his website,, as follows: “another film-soundtrack piece, this one intended to accompany a film … made out of footage shot from train windows during the last 12 months or so. … all sounds are filtered, looped, and processed in real-time using some serious attack-sending algorithms yielding something akin to a long-lost krautrock artifact. spooked…”

A little over seven minutes long, the piece is under-pinned by a loosely strung guitar progression, a bit of contemplative strumming that resonates with the rambling train images described by Whitman. Electric sparks, flashes of bare static, clipped sounds and noises like soldering accompany the ride. The track does a great job of disguising the specifics of the guitar line — is it a loop, or the sort of endless riff one might play to oneself on a lonely evening, and is there a difference? The other elements mix found-sound serendipity with a sense of narrative — the female voice that intrudes midway through (a Siren of the rails), the way the guitar regains its initial prominence as the arc of extraneous noise is winnowed by the track’s close, and the extended fadeout. As always, Whitman has set the file’s “genre” tag to “Awesome.”

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