Another KFW Strea/Download

One more recommended audio-video stream (nee “music video”) before the weekend. Following up on yesterday’s bit of aquarium stillness by Keith Fullerton Whitman (aka Hrvatski), the second most recent entry on his site’s film page is “Travel.” The glitchy yet tonal audio comes from two unreleased tracks. Whitman describes “Travel” as follows: “a compilation of crossfaded still digital-camera-in-movie-mode clips shot out of train windows during 2002 and 2003 throughout asia and europe. it was originally intended as a performance backdrop for kfw concerts and has since acquired a life of its own.” The visual pairings, resulting from the fades, include luggage conveyor belts and rolling countryside, trains and neon, and many layered cityscapes. There’s also a strange little animated interstitial that inserts a little humor. As for the music, “the soundtrack consists of two extended aleatoric computer music pieces. … one using the sounds of the hourly bell procession in barcelona’s pla?a de catalunya as its source, the other a rough version of a piece keith began whilst working on the ’73’ ep (long since abandoned).” And for those aspiring videographers in the audience, the footage was filmed “with a canon powershot g2 digital still camera in ‘movie mode.'” (The film archive is here, on Whitman’s website.)

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