New Warp-Bleep MP3 (And Stream)

OK, so the new stream from Warp Records isn’t exactly user-friendly, and the MP3 isn’t free, but the arrival of Plaid‘s Dialp (a one-hour mix of “back catalogue, unreleased live tracks and edits”) is a good opportunity to remind Downstream readers of the label’s new online MP3 store, Bleep (at Dialp is the first newly added release to the store since it debuted in mid-January, coincident with the preview of new Squarepusher material. Bleep doesn’t copy-protect its downloads, so once you purchase an MP3, it’s all yours. The tradeoff is that the lo-fi stream, for online preview purposes, comes in sequential 30-second snippets. So, it’s a sweet stream of loungey ambience that grows into a dark funk, but you have to work for it. Or purchase the MP3.

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