Motion MP3s

Speaking of musician Chris Coode (see yesterday’s Downstream entry on the fall of the house of, his latest album under the Motion moniker, Every Action, is out on 12k Records, the label headed by Taylor Deupree. The website has uploaded two minute-long-ish segments from Every Action, which are less electro-acoustic than they are electro-organic, sounding like the first burbling emissions of some newborn digital lifeform, just these warm, blippy sounds struggling lightly for coherence, surrounded by a warm, if synthetic, blanket. (The 12k “sounds” page is here, and for the moment the Motion files, “Untitled” and “Moken Edit,” are the top two in what has become a long list.) Any MP3 player with repeat and crossfade can sew these stereo files into more extended listening than the cumulative length of the individual tracks.

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