Hrvatski Streaming Jukebox

On and off, the website of musician Hrvatski (born Keith Fullerton Whitman) has offered a free MP3 of the month, many of them key entries in the ongoing Disquiet Downstream setlist: lightly edited field recordings from overseas, live guitar experiments from dank clubs in random cities. A few months back, though, Hrvatski switched from downloads to streams, and posted on a massive streaming jukebox (click on the word “radio” when you visit), which as of last count had 75 tracks, many of them his own — lonesome, meandering drones; elliptical reflections on static and low-key noise; layered live-looping ditties — and others credited to celebrated peers, including Pimmon, Kim Cascone and Fennesz, among many. There’s no annotation to speak of, and if you don’t click off the “random playback” button the interface can be unintentionally unwieldy, but it’s a rich trove. Dig in.

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