DJ Jazzy Jeff MP3s

Who can take a Grateful Dead raga, sprinkle it with a Steely Dan jam, cover it with a Snoop Dogg soundbite, and a miracle or two? DJ Jazzy Jeff can — yes, he of Fresh Prince fame. And he does just that — and much more — on two free hour-long MP3 files of live sets available on the website of Club Six, a loungey nightspot on one of San Francisco’s historically least desirable blocks (visit and click on the “music” tab). Certainly on their own, each of the elements in Jazzy Jeff’s stream-of-consciousness DJing is hardly electronic-oriented — with the exception of the occasional snag of instrumental hip-hop, or the bit of Suzanne Vega a capella from “Tom’s Diner” whose unintended adoption once upon a time by a host of remixers served, in retrospect, as a prototype for DJ Danger Mouse’s copyright-eschewing Grey Album. But sewn together, into a running commentary on unlikely parallel riffs, they’re evidence of a man wholly able to play with the raw source material provided by pop culture, one who takes FM staples and turns them into something enchanting, humorous, continuously surprising — jumpcuts between decades and genres, subtle swaths of light scratching, and endless choice hooks. Jazzy Jeff mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good.

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