Half-Hour Ambient Set

A lengthy track by Blue Sky Research is mock-dismissed on its netlabel’s website: first, as an offhand, casual work (it was “recorded while testing some homegrown code for an upcoming gig,” in contrast with being some wholly planned sonic item); second, as distinctly less than eventful (“perfect for falling asleep to”). The former we’ll have to take their word for, but anyone who nods off to the track, “Firth of Tay Live” on the Hippocamp label, will miss a half hour or so of extended ambience, a fine blend of samples massaged to quiet-orchestral effect, and mixed with elements of field recordings. Perhaps it was a casual production, but that lack of conceit serves the project well. Like the code it was reportedly produced on, it sounds homegrown. Download it directly (caveat: it’s 45 megabytes in size) here, and visit the label at hippocamp.net.

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