Industrial Fave from Half-Gig Compilation

Another day, and one more firm favorite from Wein, Weib und Gesang, the massive, 34-track compilation from the Kikapu netlabel. (See Tuesday’s entry for more info.) Feel free to download the half-gigabyte collection, or just pick out the Downstream recommendations. Vincent Parker‘s “P09IJK” is one of the shorter works in the set, just four and a half minutes that could easily get lost in the nearly five-hour full run. It’s a piece of industrial ambience — crisp little splatters of static and noise, percussive with the urgency of an tiny ant brigade on a foraging mission. There are also these momentary sparks of drama that sound like house music leaking in from a neighboring sound system. As with a lot of great minimal techno, this sounds like a click-track blueprint that knew to quit while it was ahead. Download “PO9IJK” here and visit

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