Folktronic MP3

If you dig the mix of folkie guitar lines and glitchy studio techniques that has been a trademark of recent Greg Davis and Matmos releases, be sure to download “Fireflies” by Accelera Deck. Here some click’n’paste effects suit the stringed samples well, making for a kind of augmented strum, one that can set aloft like a rural epiphany, or dig in deep with John Fahey-esque finger-picking intensity; some subsumed field recordings of voices and a wash of white noise lend further mystery. The MP3 is a track off the Hereafter CDR release, from the Toronto-based Piehead label. Accelera Deck is an Alabama-based musician named Chris Jeely. The five-track EP, of which “Fireflies” is the shortest, was released on September 11. Download the file directly here, and visit the Piehead label at

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