Open-Source Remix Project

OPEN-SOURCE REMIX PROJECT: While on the subject of open-source remix projects, following up from yesterday’s Downstream entry (here) by Chris Coode (aka Recon, aka Motion), it would be negligent to fail to mention That’s a self-described “community music sharing site featuring songs licensed under Creative Commons,” which is currently housing remixes based on Wired magazine’s Rip. Mix. Sample. Mash. Share. CD, included in the November 2004 issue. The R.M.S.M. set featured tunes by, among others, Matmos, Thievery Corporation, Dan the Automator and Danger Mouse, all of which are downloadable from the ccmixter site in full (here) and as sets of pre-cut loops (here). Now, a free Matmos song is, on its own, reason enough for a Downstream entry, but of course is more than just a handful of cuts; it’s a permutation engine. So, sure, you can pick up the Matmos song (“Action at a Distance,” MP3), a brief spell of digitally filtered guitar (filtered through Ennio Morricone’s laptop, that is), or you check out any number of tracks that use the Matmos as a sample source, like teru‘s “Matmos Slow Loop” (MP3), which references the guitar’s echo but adds a stable drum beat and builds something unexpected: a pop song. The project is easy to get lost in, in part because its interface requires some getting used to, and in part because participants are uploading new tracks daily. As particularly interesting ones arrive, you’ll find ’em here, in the Disquiet Downstream.

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