De-Calibrated Techno MP3

Online electronic-music EPs are generally all-or-nothing affairs: sets recorded on the same equipment, at the same time, with the same raw materials, processed on the same software by the same person. Occasionally one of the tracks will rise above, but more often than not they all work together as parts of a whole. Jerzz‘s three-cut Fear EP is an exception. It’s the debut album for the fourth and latest sublabel of the Netherlands-based netlabel. “What Happens,” Fear’s lead track, is where it’s happening. The first minute two-steps through the harsh no man’s land that stretches out between industrial music, with its affection for decay, and drum’n’bass, with its emphasis on automated rhythm. Then, at almost exactly the minute and a half point, it pauses; when it returns, is has gotten bleaker, darker and utterly de-calibrated, the rhythm falling apart and struggling, for the remaining six minutes, to find itself. “What Happens” is a must-download. “When the World” is a solid B-side, to employ an anachronism, but it doesn’t have the messy strangeness of “What Happens.” And “Goes Down” should be avoided; the mix is all off, especially where its coy and overly loud vocal snippets are concerned. “What Happens” is the keeper, for sure. Very promising. Get the MP3 directly, or visit the album’s page. (A variety of file-compression densities and formats are available on the album’s mirror page.)

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