Francis Dhomont MP3

FRANCIS DHOMONT MP3: Another downloadable prize from the Other Minds catalog at the Internet Archive, a March 6, 2004, recording of composer Francis Dhomont performing “Les moirures du temp” and “Phonurgie” (a neologism, meaning “fabrication, shaping, creation of sound”) live at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. It was, apparently, done on a 12-speaker surround system, but even in stereo it’s a half hour of tightly shape-shifting sound samples, mixing and diverging in a manner both chaotic and elegant. As Dhomont says of the first piece, “Certain sound types and features — particularly meaningful — are privileged, such as the harmonic timbre, percussion/resonance, accumulation, movement (trajectories, swirling) and contrasts of dynamics: the very things that give sound a texture and that make it shimmer.” The file is only downloadable via FTP, but the site provides clear instructions. Search for “dhomont” in the “Other Minds Archive” section under “Audio” at

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