Legal Thievery MP3

Free downloadable music appears regularly, in plain sight, and with little fanfare. Dig a little on the site, and you’ll find not only free music promotions for artists ranging from Cex to Sigur Ros to Depeche Mode to Brian Eno, but a portal page to the retailer’s free music offerings. It’s not clear if there’s a mnemonic direct link to the download section, but head over to the music page, scroll to the bottom, and there’s a link to “Free Music.” One highlight right now, coming in at No. 18 on the site’s “top downloads” list, is “Right Angles remix,” a dubby wonder by Thievery Corporation, off an old Om Records sampler, and unsullied by the cameos (Flaming Lips, Perry Farrell, David Byrne, etc.) that overpopulate the group’s recent Cosmic Game, just out this past Tuesday.

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