Lateset Osymyso MP3s

The musician known as Osymyso made a promise at the start of the year to upload 50 individual MP3s to form 05ymy50, an ongoing album-in-progress, which he’d mix, at the end of the project, into a seamless piece. He’s just about to break out of the single digits with his old-school mashes of hip-hop riffs and found sound, all of which brings to mind the short attention spans of such sampling activists as DJ Food, Coldcut and Negativland. His “Fragment 8” is a pothole public service announcement directed by Max Headroom, and the subject of “Fragment 9” (aka “The Return of an Old Friend”) is the classic “Funky Drummer” beat, which Osymyso excavates from various settings and tries, valiantly, to revive. Get all nine current 05ymy50 fragments released thus far at

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