MP3 Noise Album on Test Tube

The new album from Sal., Ohne Titel Mit Titel, now downloadable from the Test Tube netlabel, will appeal mostly to veteran noise fans, but there are nods to a more general audience. While three tracks are about as pleasurable as the wind breaking against a cheap microphone during an ill-fated field-recording trip to the shore (“Compreendo perfeitamente a tua estupidez,” “Compreendo perfeitamente a tua necessidade,” “Compreendo perfeitamente porque e que e redondo”), the irritants here can become attractors. In particular, “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” (yes, that’s the title) is far more complex than it initially appears, a fevered rash of conflicting cogs banging against each other, spitting up tiny, high-pitched sparks. For most listeners, though, the one real keeper is “Parte Primeira,” which opens with a pleasurable rhythmic lope and hints at the fire of feedback, and then evolves through an exploration of murkiness, before splintering into a wash of sine waves and white noise. Get it at

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